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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Won wild game at the club

FLORY, TIMOTHY J (1290P14) - KRYSH, LISA(888)1-0
Won my game(new window) at the club. My opponent was overly aggressive but I was under a lot of pressure with my K stuck in the middle. Crafty is much braver than I am. I thought I was in a lot of trouble but after analysis it wasn't that bad. I hate playing lower rated players.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Won my 45 45 game

Won my 45 45 game(new window) today. Threw away 2 easy wins to play into a drawn position. Luckily my opponents end game skills were worse than mine. If anyone wants to recommend some sources of end game study I would appreciate it.

Our team goes to the finals!
This is also my best 45 45 tourney yet with 4 wins 2 losses.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Scando Dec / Nimzo Def win at the club

Won my game(new window) at the club Tuesday. My opponent declined to take my d5 pawn and played e5 instead. I decided to transpose into the Nimzowitsch Defense like I used to play and won after a tense game. My recent losses on FICS were motivation not to make any dumb moves in this game. My opponent did not really surprise me with any moves and I only made one mistake that did not effect the outcome of the game.

Monday, October 17, 2005

In a slump

Have been playing poorly lately. Lost a game to moving too quickly during the opening phase and one due to a miscaculation. I think my all time high rating on FICS were inflated as I got it playing 45 45 games were I was matched against weaker opponents. One problem with this tactical training is I have not been playing that many games and my mental discipline is suffering. Plus I was always trying to play stronger players when I would get games on my own. After I complete circle 0.3 I will probably go into the full 7 circles. I should have more time since my move to my girlfriend's house will be completed and winter will be here. Also the G90 games end after next Tuesday and the club will go back to G30 quads. I won't feel too bad if I miss some club night quads to complete the circles. I have a feeling the circles will not improve my rating too much till I start playing more games on a regular basis. I also feel that these tactical training programs would be more beneficial if there were postions with no tactical strikes and you had to recognize them. I also think this tactical training inflames my over aggressiveness. I am ready to get the circles over with so I can mix more play in with my tactical training. Oh well back to CT-ART.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sorry team

twinders v phorku 1-0
Got my self into a bit of trouble then dug myself in deeper trying to get out.

[17:35]phorku: nice
[17:35]twinders: Good game *handshake*
[17:36]twinders: made me work for that one.
[17:36]phorku: didnt seem like it to me
[17:36]twinders: LOL

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Scandinavian Declined / Nimzowitsch Defence

Last night at the club I played the Scandinavian like I always do against e4. My opponent declined to capture my pawn and advanced his e pawn. This is the line that I hate the most. I used to play Nc6 instead of c5 in this line because I was learning the opening. I have played c5 a couple of times now and played it last night at the club. I don't really like it since it opens up the Q side and it is difficult to get the K side pieces out to castle. I was looking through the chess database on the chessbase site and discovered that Nc6 transposes into the Nimzowitsch Defence. Since my book did not cover this I was under the impression I was making a mistake. I plan on sticking with Nc6 in future games. Instead of buying another dry opening book I will probably pick up one of the versions of Chessbase 9. This hobby is getting quite expensive.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Greedy pawn snatcher loses at the club...

Lost my game at the club. Got greedy and snatched a pawn with out taking enough time for my move. Ended up dropping a piece and my opponent played carefully and finished me off.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Redback Makes Me Work For The Win

I won my R4 45 45 game(new window) this week. It was a tough game and I had a lot of uncertainty on how the position(s) should be played. Like J'adoube says it is often difficult to come up with a plan when there are no tactical shots or King attack. I felt like I played poorly making several calculation errors. Luckily none were fatal. After the game my opponent was complaining about how much time I used and he finished with more time on his clock than he started with. Actually we were still playing when he started his evaluation and I had to prompt him to finish the game first. I like it when my opponents hurry. It is one of my main weapons to bore my opponent to death. If everyone took their time I would be rated much lower.

I am 3-1 for my teamchess games so far and next week I play on board 1. Hopefully I will not disappoint the team.

I was really stumped at several points in the game trying to come up with a plan so if anyone wants to offer any insight or tips I would be grateful.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Smothered at the Club

I got mated by a smothered mate at the club Tuesday. Here(new window) is the annotated game.
FLORY, TIMOTHY J (1290P14) vs ADAMS, LOUIS W (1738)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lost my 45 45 game vs Wook. I had some distractions during the beginning of the game and had to take my time not to blunder. I played pretty well till the end. It was a very frustrating game and could not seem to get anything going. I would not be so upset about losing except for the massive 19 point loss on my rating and the loss of a game point for my team. We are still up 2:1 though so hopefully we will still win the round. Here is the game(new window) unannotated.