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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rated beyond my ability...

I am up to 1630 FICS now due to a win against a provisional player. I have finished CT-ART levels 20 & 30 2 times, level 10 3 times and level 40 1 time. Recently I have been taking a break from tactics to learn a new black opening vs 1 d4. Any d4 players want to play a 30 30 (rated or not) game on FICS?

I was also pondering if it was the seven circles that made MDLM so successful or the fact that he had so much time to put into it. No doubt working these tactics problems are making me a better player but so are the other studies I am doing.

Pomeranch Captain where you at!

I posted a comment on Roman's blog and sent him an email about this tournament 31 (FICS team league). I have not received a reply. I am looking for a team to play on in 1600 or 1800. Is 'Checkmate you are dead!' going to have a team this time? Is anyone interested in forming a team? Let me know.