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Saturday, November 03, 2007

More clock fun at the club... Not!

So after the clock fiasco at the last game of the Club Championshiops I went back to the club Tuesday to lose 2/3 games. In one of my games I tell my opponent to start the clock by pressing the middle button. With a big melodramatic flourish he reaches over and presses the button. He seems to hold the button down forever. About 13 moves into the game he says 'What is wrong with your clock?'. No time had elapsed. Apparently all the added flourish included a double press since my clock was working fine. So today my son and I went to the Parma Novemberfest and my clock batteries died in the middle of my first game. [Insert stupid cliche here] Anyway I won 3/4 in the U1600 and my son got 5.5/6 in the U800. YEA!


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