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Monday, May 29, 2006

1600 At Last!

I finally achieved my 2+ year goal of breaking 1600. I am now 1608 thanks to a tough win (new window) against twinders. The tactical training is definately helping. Once again the half open g file against his king comes into play.

Thanks Celtic Death for the nice comment on my MFalme game.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wild 45 45 Win - New FICS High Rating!!

I won my game (new window) against MFalme. It was a completely wild game. Prevented MFalme from castling on the king side and snatched a pawn early in the game. Fell behind in development. Then I got my knight on the king side stuck in its original position and had to give the pawn back. I dropped my knight in a blunder where I thought I was phorking his queen and king. His king was in the middle of the board. I decided to go for broke and open the middle up. I was threatening a skewer, double phork and a single phork. He played the wrong move and I picked up a bishop and a rook. Then he allowed me to pick up a pawn, force a queen trade, and put me in a won position. I have an all time high rating of 1596, now just 4 points from that ever elusive 1600 goal.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A fun game

Here is a fun game (new window) I played on FICS. This is the first game I looked for a stalemate when I was just a little down instead of waiting till I was in a hopelessly lost position. After I lost the exchange I was thinking about a perpetual check with my queen. As it turns out I won the game.